Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Enough is Enough

There is some serious madness going on in the True Blood fandom. What I heard tonight really got my dander up and is now causing this rant. Trust me when I say, this has been building up inside of me for a while now.  A certain sector in this fandom has started somewhat of a petition of sorts to report a page on Face book simply because they do not like the title,"Bill Compton is not a hero". I have a big problem with this as it violates the right to Freedom of Speech granted by the U.S. Constitution.  I personally do not like when my or any other red-blooded person's civil liberties are put into question. No law is being broken nor is anyone being hurt in the process. There is also another reason I have a problem with this, are you ready for it, BILL COMPTON IS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER!! It it not as if a real person is being talked about or slandered.What the hell does it matter if anyone puts down a character, at the end of the day, it really means jack shit

We are having natural disasters going on in the world, terrorist's attacks and soldiers fighting for their country and their rights and people are complaining about a fictional character. NEWS FLASH, DON'T GO ON THE SITE THEN AND GET OVER IT. There are more important things to worry about in life than the well-being and feelings of a fictional character. Another reason is that some of the same people who are moaning and complaining about this site called people out BY NAME on another site and the last time I checked that was slander. You can't slander a fictional character but you can a REAL human being and I have seen it done.  

According to them, Team Eric bashes not only the character but the actor who portrays him, which is so far from the truth, it's not even funny.  I am sure the actor's don't give a rat's ass behind if their character is not universally liked by all of the fandom. In fact, I bet you they quite enjoy it. I like Moyer's acting chops, he sure can make me dislike his character, but heaven forbid if that is allowed. I find it very hypocritical that the same group of people that are doing the complaining are the same ones that have said "that Sookie is a real bitch" for how she treats Bill. Oh that is Sookie bashing, better look out, someone might report you or your site. I have also heard some of the same people talk about Anna Paquin and the gap in her teeth.  I think a certain fandom needs to check themselves before they wreck themselves.  

Sunday, March 6, 2011

True Blood PaleyFest 2011 Part One

True Blood PaleyFest Panel 2011 Part 1

On March 5, 2011, True Blood fans converged for PaleyFest at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, CA, with a very long line to get in. Who could blame them when such a great show and cast is involved? Trust me when I say that if I could have been there, I would have been, with BELLS on. A happy dance would have taken place as well, dancing a jig and getting jiggy with it, the whole nine, but I digress.

I was one of the many who was glued to my twitter account last night. In a way I was a fly on the wall of the Saban Theater, or a bat in this case. Me friend Melody and co-creator of a Facebook fan page was there and I received her account as well. So here are my thoughts, impressions as well as my excited fan girl squeals, just a warning! 

Alan Ball takes the stage and exclaims “Wow, there’s a lot of you” and they felt honored and humbled to be there. True Blood fans being passionate about the show might be an understatement because you bet your sweet fangs, we are Mr. Ball. A video of a compilation of the first three seasons was shown along with a bonus scene from Season Four.

If that little scene did not get your blood pumping for the upcoming season, then nothing will. Who knew Hoyt was so bad ass? Lol I cannot wait for this scene.

Once the awesome cast was introduced and were comfy in their chairs, the games began. A lot went on, much so that I really do not know where to begin, so why not with the good stuff? My good friend Mel said that Alex was the most vocal so why not start there. The following quote from Mel about Mr. Skarsgård “Alex looked young, lean, poised and very blond at the panel, playing amnesic Eric is agreeing with him!”

Will Eric and Sookie fans get their wish about them getting together? It sure sounded hopeful. While Anna Paquin played it quite coy when asked if Sookie would “act on her attraction’ to Mr. Northman, Alex mouthed “it happens” which was music to these ears. Speaking of Mr. Northman, what did we learn from Alex, since we know he was very outspoken? He let us know just enough to make us want to know more. On the amnesia front, (more affectingly known as AE) and how he came to be that way was because “He messed with the wrong people.”, do tell Alex as if the Bookies do not know or do we? It is AB’s world after all, to an extent anyway as he was quoted as saying “the books work”. Yes, Alan they do, thank you Ms. Harris. 

Alex went on to further explain that his character Eric will not be the same this upcoming season “This powerful character is just gone—it’s not what we’ve built up over the past three years; it is just gone. And it’s a lot of fun for me because it’s the polar opposite of who Eric really is…He is lost. He doesn’t know who he is, he knows he’s a vampire, but he slowly finds out stuff, like, ‘Did I do that? I killed those people? Why would I do that? Oh. Really?’ It’s not easy to hear—and not knowing who he can trust, who’s a friend or an enemy. He’s very vulnerable.” Stephen at this point made a sad clown face, which I have to admit was pretty damn funny. Kristin Bauer van Straten when talking about her memory-stricken maker had the following to say, “[Eric's] being 10 years old, basically. He’s so sweet and cute, because he’s got amnesia. So our whole dynamic has changed. You’ll see how incredibly comedic and brilliant Skarsgård is, which everyone doesn’t know.” 

I love the relationship Kristin and Alex have, Kristin notes that Alex is used to how she is. Alex talked further of his character in season four noting that “Things are definitely not stable for Eric. He doesn’t know who he is, so 1,000 years of resentment for humanity is just gone. He’s very innocent…so Eric needs help. There are a lot of friendly people in Bon Temps who are kind enough to give him help….Pam is obviously very helpful as well—my lovely daughter.” Kristin said “Hi Daddy” while Alex said “ I’m just trying to make her cry”, her reply “that’s not very hard”. Needless to say, that whole conversation brought the laughter. 

What are some other things Alex would like in season four, one of the things he asked of Alan Ball were for “some Pam/Eric flashbacks” as well as for Godric to return in either a flashback or dream form. Which leads me to a comment made by Alan Ball that answered a question I and many others have wondered about. DREAMS BABY! Alan Ball said that “ they (vampires) can appear in people’s dreams, and vampires can dream” Explains so much to which I won’t get into here as I will be digressing once again but anyone who watches the show will get it. Alex notes that there will be a flashback involving Eric and Bill that will be “amazing” and when asked to elaborate, all he would say was “Just watch it!” 80’s flashback, London Calling? It was called months ago by most of the True Blood Fandom. I cannot wait to see the reason for all the mistrust between these two vamps. This scene should prove to be EPIC and very telling.

Now, Sookie, oh Sookie, where we last left her, she went on a little trip to Faeville? Do you think she had fun? I am betting not so much. Bookies, know what I mean when I say Book Sook and True Blood Sook are two different people. Where is the Sookie we knew of in the book? We caught a glimpse of her towards the end of season 3 and Anna Paquin states that “We will see what she learned tempering the way she goes about looking for independence.” BRING ON MORE BADASS SOOKIE! Here is hoping that she comes back revamped (pun intended), drained of all vampire blood and Sookie Interrupted will return to Bon Temps feisty and determined to get back to her normal self, TRUE self. “She comes back. But things are different” When asked if she has control over her “microwave fingers” Paquin revealed “No. But she’s new at this fairy stuff”. Just what did they tell her in Faeville, inquiring minds want to know?

Alcide and Sookie, not my cup of tea at all but Sookie seems to fancy him. Will she act on it? Paquin notes “Well, he doesn’t turn into a ball of charred fire during the daytime. But he comes with baggage.”. You cannot blame the girl for wanting to have a warm body and can be with her during the daylight hours, and not just when the sun goes down, she just has to be aware of the monthly full moon and the fact that he can change at will. Debbie Pelt, well she is nuttier than a fruitcake! Enough said, moving on!

Well, that is it for part one, there is more to tell, although by the time I am done with part two, everyone will know it all by heart. I, however shall post it anyhow because I always finish what I started. lol