Monday, June 27, 2011

True Blood:"She's not there"

Well, we already know about the first eight minutes, so there really is no need to go through a lot details about it. All I can say is I am glad Sookie was able to click her heels three times and get back home. Well, all she had to do was jump through the portal really! Turns out only Sookie can jump because she did not eat from the 'light off the fruit". Sookie and her Granddaddy both jump.

When Sookie and Granddaddy Earl jumped through the portal from the LAND OF THE LOST, they landed in Bon Temps cemetery. Earl immediately starts to feel the effects of having come home again after a twenty year absence.  I am going to spend a little time on this scene because I found it to be one of the most endearing scenes. Sookie takes him back to where his wife and kids are buried.

Earl: "I never meant to leave you all"
Sookie: "We never believed you abandoned us. None of us ever stopped loving you"
Earl: "That's good. You Gran's gonna give me that what for in heaven, I guarantee ya. I'm dying, pumpkin"
Sookie: (crying): "Granddaddy no!
Earl: "I can feel it. Give this to Jason, man ought to own a good watch. Now I'm happy, I'm where I belong. You be good Sookie, I love you"

He turns to ash right there at his wife and children's grave and Sookie is left there crying, holding the pocket watch. Now, I know this is True Blood and not some namby-pamby soap opera but this was bloody brilliant acting, on both actor's parts. I admit to shedding a tear. This scene gets a HUGE thumbs up for me!

As soon as the Sook landed back in Bon Temps, Bill and Eric awaken from their daytime sleep when they felt she was back in the land of the living. I have to say about damn time we get to see Eric 'feel' her presence.

Now for the fun part, this next scene I found myself laughing because here Sookie just dropped back into Bon Temps,literally, and walks up to her house that is all repainted and having repairs done it. Astonishment, wonder and surprise are written all over her face. She proceeds to walk into her house without a care in the world.
Workman: "Sweetheart, where do you think you're going?"
Sookie: "It's my house"
Workman: "Hey, you can't go in there" Honey, if you don't come back out, I'm calling the police"
Sookie: "Do it! Call the cops because I would love an explanation!"

Then she slams the door in his face!! Haha Go Sookie

Sookie sits at the kitchen table staring at the pocket watch, crying when Jason the cop walks in the house and sees his long lost sister.

I found this moment to be very endearing also but I won't rehash it too much. She immediately wonders why he is dressed like a cop! Sook, we all are a little dumbfounded at this but it turns out Jason does not make such a bad cop, at least from what we have seen so far. He told her that they thought she was dead and they looked everywhere for her, put up fliers and had a website. Figured a vampire killed her, Bill or that crazy tall one. Nice way to describe the Viking!  Sookie thinks she has been gone two weeks after she asked the date and Jason told her she had been gone twelve and a half months.

He tells her that he sold her house to a real estate company by the name of AIK. She is upset with him for giving up on her.They talk a while about where she was and how she should not tell people where she was, Jason thinks they might lock her away. She gives him their Granddaddy's watch, he asks her the time and she tells him 6:35 which means. Which means, this next part I could give two craps about if it did not include the Viking. Here comes Mr.Douche Bag himself.

 Bill asks her if she was with Claudine? That's none of your business she says. You go Sookie!! He tells her he has not felt her presence for a year, how empty inside he was, how he thought she was dead, blah blah blah!  Enter the Viking, "Well I knew you weren't dead, I never lost hope" Bill seems to be getting a little snippy with the Viking,   Bill orders Eric to go, WTF you say, yeah I thought the same thing.  In typical Eric fashion he says "Apparently, I have to go but understand this, everyone who claims to love you, your friends, your brother, even Bill Compton, they all gave up on you. I  NEVER  DID." I love the way he said it.

Moving on and to shorten this or it will be 10 pages with my thoughts.

La La and Jesus are still going strong, Jesus is wanting him to join in a coven. They go to the Moon Goddess and meet Marnie, seems LA LA has some major magical pull in him and Eddie comes through Marnie. Ohhhhh, scary.

Jason is a cop and taking care of the Hot Shot gang and ends up getting locked in a freezer. Poor Jason, no good deed goes unpunished.

Tara is a cage fighter and has a relationship with Naomi whose  ass  butt she kicked.

Sam shot Tommy in the leg who now lives with Hoyt's Mom. Guess she needed a substitute son after Hoyt left.

Sam is in anger management but really it is just an excuse for him to turn into a horse and gallop off into the sunset with other shifter/horses!

Andy is hooked on 'V', Jason might as well be Sheriff. LOL!

Jessica and Hoyt are not having really good times in their relationship. Seems she wants to eat other The eggs incident was funny.

Pam tried to make a PSA but!

Eric made one instead and it turned out better!

Eric says, "Who would you rather trust a vampire or a politician?" cuts to a scene of Bill charming the crowd...(in La La's voice) just like a politician.

Sookie talks to Portia Bellefleur about getting her house back from AIK. Oh, and she heard Portia's thoughts. Seems Bill and Andy do a little too much talking about Sookie.

Sookie gets out of the shower, takes off her robe and throws it behind her. Who catches it, no other than the Viking. She rescinded his invitation, he can't be there in her house. He takes a set of keys out of his pocket and says he owns the house. He informs her, Sookie, you are mine. He fangs come out. I'm freaking love it!!

I know this post was not up to my usual par but I have a hangover. I hope my post about the second episode will be better because I really loved it. I also have another post planned based on that episode.

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  1. I liked the acting on the grand daddy earl scene as well though the makeup job as atrocious lol

    I also feel your pain with the Bill scene until Eric entered in finally.

    Why does Jason always end up a martyr when he tries to do good? I wonder what the meaning of that is...

    I love Eric's directness of course and that cut away to Bill scene was priceless.

    Ill read your next one as well.