Friday, July 8, 2011

Dream a Little Dream with Me.

When it comes to True Blood, everything is open to interpretation. One of the favorite theories among some of the fandom is that Sookie and Eric have been sharing dreams. At first the dreams Sookie was having were contributed to her subconscious mind and his blood but there seems to be more to it than that. I would first like to note that the shared dreams is not my original idea or theory, so I cannot take credit for it. However,the thought did occur to me when I first saw those scenes so I agree with those theories made my others. I simply want to expand on it and add my own thoughts into the mix after seeing last season's finale. It is a thought I have been kicking around in my head. Before I get into what I think that something more is, let's go on a dream-venture shall we. I want to give a big thank you to my friends, fellow Viking Lovers and Vixens for letting me use their thoughts in order to expand on this theory.

All of Sookie’s dreams occur during the daytime, when Eric is also sleeping. 

Dream #1 – We know it is day because she is sleeping in the bed next to Bill.

Dream #2 – Occurs while she is sleeping in the car on the way home to Bon Temps.

Dream #3 – Sookie wakes up and goes straight to Fangtasia so it has to be very close to dark.

Eric’s Day(night)dream – While, it doesn’t occur in the day, it still occurs when we know Sookie is sleeping.

There are plenty of indications that these two crazy kids are sharing dreams, for example in Dream #1 – Eric saying, “[Sookie] would do anything for the ones [she ] loves.”  Eric is a very perceptive vampire; he knows Sookie has a strong capacity for love and that she can be a strong independent woman.

“Your deep, you feel, there’s love in you.” Sookie is also perceptive, in that she has noticed that while Eric is fierce and intimidating, he is also capable of incredible depth and feeling. i.e. his feelings for Godric.

You have a lot of love for him

“This is the beginning.” Eric, even though it is extremely hard for him to admit, deeply desires her. I am not even sure he quite understands it himself.   He cares for her and believes that if and when they are together, it will be the beginning of something remarkable.

After this first dream, Sookie is shown staring at Eric at the meeting with Nan and Godric. Eric stares back at her, with great surprise and interest. As if he too is remember the dreams he had, which for a mere two seconds, overshadow the despair he is feeling because of what is occurring with Godric.

On the roof, Eric gratefully and compassionately accepts Sookie’s offer to be with Godric at the end. It’s all in their expressions and body language.

Dream #2 –

The roof scene was so powerful that it is only fitting that this dream is shared by the two of them. The profoundly emotional scenes shared on the roof have evolved into yet another emotional moment of the two of them alone – comforting each other and strengthening their connection.

Their connection evolves in this dream; Sookie telling him that he will be okay and kissing away his tears, giving him her blood and emotional strength. Eric accepting her care, being passionate with her and giving her the choice (to give him her blood – not forcing her to let him bite her). I think they are both expressing their own desires here, her desire to comfort him and his desire to be comforted by her. We will see this same kind of desire later between them.

Dream #3 –

Sookie- “I know this is a dream.”

Eric – “You may as well enjoy it then.”

Sookie – “Is your blood ever going to wear off?”

Eric – “You know you have feelings for me.”

Sookie – “Eww” (quite unconvincingly I might add).

Eric – *kisses her* “You know you like it. And this…and this…”

He is unfazed by her totally fake “ew” – proves it to her by being soft and passionate.

They are so candid and comfortable with each other in this dream. This is where the dreams get to be more interesting, this is classic Eric and Sookie banter. This is how they are with each other outside of the dreams. He is calling bullshit to her statement because he knows they have an emotional connection and wants her to stop resisting her feelings.

Eric Day(night)dream – Alcide’s apartment is exact right down to the crumpled tissues on the bed. How would Eric know she was crying and would have the remnants of tissues all over the bed, if their dream were not somehow connected?

I believe this particular scene goes back to my comments about their mutual desires. In this instance, this is his desire to comfort her, and her desire to be comforted by him. It also gives us insight into his desires for her to know who he is deep down inside, the side that he keeps hidden.

Sookie: "You smell like the ocean in winter: How is that possible? Bill doesn't smell like anything"

Sookie: "You played by the North Sea as a child"

Eric: "Yes, how did you?"

Sookie: "I'm smelling your memories"

Eric: "That's impossible, not even you can do that"

Now, I am almost at my additional theory to the shared dream theory. Let me give you a couple clues.



I bet you are wondering what point I am trying to make, well I will tell you. Notice how Eric seems to blow open both doors without using his hands. Sure you did, because it was pretty bad ass, BAMF! Woo recently said that "Eric has held out hope, which certainly speaks to his own connection to Sookie, which may be deeper than we thought." My theory is that Eric is telekinetic and with Sookie being telepathic, they both share a power of the mind, hence the shared dreams and the deep connection Woo mentions. Eric had this connection with her before he had her blood. Can you imagine how deep that connection will be now that he has had her blood? Perhaps this is why he knew she was not dead and why he never gave up hope. Instead of being able to feel her presence through the blood, he could sense her in his mind. Just saying!

Sookie's Home

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  1. good point for you Diane!!
    Eric could have feary family in his blood (like Jason becomes a shifter, why someone who has a little part of his fae family couldn't become a vampire)

  2. ok wow!! love this,i love reading about their dream sharing! one of the best articles ive read on it! i would not be surprised if u were spot on with the whole telekinetic/telepathic connection thing..

  3. Awesome, Diane! I enjoyed this a great deal. It is an expansion on a question I've had of my own which is "does Eric know when Sookie dreams about him." Also, I've wondered why Bill has to have a door opened whereas Eric can just "BAMF"...LOL! Thank you for sharing this with us Bookies and Eric Lovers.


  4. There are some theories out there about how Eric could have fairy blood in him, but I am not convinced of this. He only looked like a member of a Viking family. I hope I am spot on with how they are connected and their shared dreams. I think some people wondered the same thing as you Karen and how they came up with the shared dream theory. Thank you all

  5. Thanks for pulling all the evidence for dream sharing into one post. I also believe they have to be sharing and thought Eric's daydream was where there was finally enough evidence. Along with the tissues on the bed, Eric later (at Russell's house) told Sookie she must have dreamed that he cared about her and she called him "all hat and no cattle" (after calling him a cowboy in the daydream). Some fans say the writer for the show use the dreams to "take the place of" the conversations Sookie and Eric have in the books to grow their trust and respect. I try to believe this so I can keep watching the show. I hadn't thought of the telekinetic/telepathic connection. That would be a good explanation for the depth of their connection. Rainqueen13

  6. This is so fascinating! They way you described their connection and the dreams makes perfect sense. Eric must already know their connection and that's why he is so persistent to claim her. Hopefully Sookie gets her act together and realizes the same thing. Once that happens, she will be like Bill who?

  7. Good point Diane!! I wouldn't be surprised if you're right!

  8. Di, you havent blogged in too long!

  9. I know I am working on one now. :)