Friday, April 1, 2011

Vampire Wars: Part ????????

                                             My Vampire is better than you Vampire

  Angel/Spike, Stefan/Damon and Bill/Eric. Are you seeing a pattern here? Well, buckle your seat belts because we are once again, in for one hell of a ride.   As season 4 of True Blood is currently filming and will start in June, it seems reasonable that the War, while on hiatus for a bit, will continue on in it's reasonable fashion. Personally, I would not have it any other way. BRING IT ON!!  I will let the picture do the talking as to who my favorite vampire is, he really needs no introduction.

The fandom that is True Blood blew up into a shit firestorm in the last couple of days. Why you may ask? I will tell you, because one part of the fandom took offense to a 'parody' page of the FICTIONAL character Bill Compton and proceeded to have it 'BANNED'! You heard me right, BANNED!!. Why this page, when there are pages upon pages of people that dislike or are against REAL PEOPLE!  Can I get a WTH?. Anyway, I am still going to continue to post photos such as this:


Why they take offense to this I have no idea. It has never made any sense to me why Eric fans are told they are full of such hatred of a "FICTIONAL" character. Let's look at facts here, this has been going on in TV LAND for a long time. Everyone has had a favorite character and one they could not stand.  I remember my mother saying that J.R. Hewing was the most hated man in TV America. Everyone loved to hate him, that meant Larry Hagman was doing his job. When he was shot and supposedly killed and the subsequent "Who Shot J.R." mantra was going on, that fandom rejoiced in it. My mother sure was not accused of hate speech of his character! *scoffs*  I am positive that he did not take it personally or to heart. Stephen Moyer is a great actor to get half of the fandom to hate his characters guts and the very ground he walks on. I bet it does not phase him one bit. I don't think any sector of the True Blood fandom had any problem with this particular 'parody' so I will leave you with this video. I know I laughed my ass off! Join me, won't you?


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