Monday, September 12, 2011

An Open Letter to Alan Ball.

Dear Alan Ball,

I  am trying really hard to talk myself into watching season 5 but I am not sure it is possible at this point. The season was off to a great start and then things slowly started to fall by the wayside. I will get to those later in this letter. You have claimed time and time again that you were going to stay true to the 'spirit of the books' because "the books work" but yet you have strayed so far from the beaten path, that I believe True Blood has jumped the shark. Yes, the books do work and there is a reason for that, quite simply, that reason is character growth. I know that you like to shock people but to do so at the expense of character growth and development is simply appalling. A character's growth stirs the plot and makes it grow, not weakens it as is the case here, as it stands right now. This is where I begin stating the issues I have had in seasons past and have gotten progressively worse as this season went on. I kept hoping for change and got nothing.


At the beginning of the season, we see Sookie returning from her trip into Fairy, where it is now a year later. That was the first mistake, if anyone needed a year's vacation, it was Sookie. I chose to let that one go due to the fact that the season was just getting started.  When dusk approaches, she automatically goes outside to await Bill because, well she knows he is on his way over. Stop right there.....are you kidding me right now? In truth I can see her wanting to see him as it is one of the seven parts of broken heart syndrome. A woman is torn between wanting to see the man she loved so much and staying as far away as she can. Then she has some angry, bitter words for him as well as  behind his back. It is a whole long, complicated womanly process, but hey it is ours.

All we got for this process was her saying "I know you must have been worried for me but in my mind, it was only an hour ago that you broke my heart, and shattered it into a million pieces". Really, that was all she had for the man who let her get beaten by two V-Addicted nut-jobs? Where was her anger? Where was her pain and lashing out at him? Am I supposed to believe that Sookie is a heroine or even a protagonist? At this point she is an antagonist in relation to herself.

I waited all season for Sookie to find time to tell Bill how the rat reveal made her feel and to get out her anger and I got nothing except I forgive you and I hope you can forgive me.  For what???? There were huge gaping plot holes as well characters being used a plot devices, (Sookie and Eric mainly) and it all just became one HOT MESS. I am tired of Bill being shoved down my throat when it is not even feasible for her to forgive him without going through the seven steps a woman goes through when having their heart broken. How did she get to the last step so damn fast?

Eric said that there were two Sookie Stackhouse's and he was right about that, but I am thinking that there must be a third Sookie Stackhouse because from what I have seen of Sookie in the latter episodes, the two Eric described were no where to be seen. Sookie was used as a plot device to (1) prop up the character of Bill Compton and (2) to keep him in the mix with this stupid love triangle.  There really was no reason for Sookie to have been shot, other than the need to have Bill offer up another donation of his blood. At this  point, she is nothing but a damsel in distress yet AGAIN. Sookie and her microwave fingers of fail that she only uses when you writers decide it is finally convenient to be used, as yet another plot device. This whole "It only happens when I am upset" idea is just not flying anymore.

She used it in the Moon Goddess to stop Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica from walking into the "wall of sun" but could not use it moments before when the two men she claimed to love were about to off themselves in the name of love. Nor could she use her power while she was trapped inside the ring of fire, she was upset so she should have used her fear, to set her hands aglow but no such luck. Sookie should be made of stronger stuff by now.

Speaking of Eric, Sookie has no problem calling him out on every thing he has every done but can't have a little talk with Bill about what he has done.  Alex and his character, Eric have truly been the saving grace for me in an otherwise up and down roller-coaster season. He played Eric beautifully, even through all the crap that made Eric so 'out of character'. From what we have seen of Eric, he is a vampire with pride and after telling Sookie that he remembers everything and that he loves her, nothings changed, she throws in his face that she loves Bill too. He does not understand and he felt bitter and was not happy with her. Then you have him groveling at her feet, this was too much to take. Eric would not grovel at her feet, he may be a changed vampire due to his time with Sookie, but he still has his pride.  I really wish you would quit feeding us these little bits of nasty food, because I am no longer swallowing this unbelievable crap.

What is the point of introducing things as part of a major storyline and then do nothing with it? In regards to the Rat Reveal, you stated it as a fact and then LET IT GO. Bill faced no consequences for it at all, in fact he was rewarded for it. Sookie did not hash this out with him and let her feelings be known about it. It all made no sense, it well and truly might as well have never happened at all. EPIC FAIL at best. Now he is the King/Queen and I had to watch him lord it over Eric and every other vampire when his position was earned at the expense of a woman who did not even know she was being used.

 Now, I come to Hotshot, what was that bit of nonsense even for? Was it just to tell us about "Ghost Mommy' and "Ghost Daddy" hinting at the fairy connection? We could have done without all the raping of poor Jason by multiple woman to hear that little nugget you dropped us. Sometimes you go too far with this "shock value" crap. I needed my brain bleached after that and for what, Jason did not even become a were-panther. It was a big Epic fail and I will never get those minutes back.

This season has been full of hits and misses, mostly misses, especially in relation to the last couple episodes.I voted for Alex to win Best Horror Actor for the Scream Awards but picked Game of Thrones for everything else because it was much much better. Why I picked Game of Thrones to win over True Blood, a show I love (yes I do still love it) is really quite simple. That show stayed true to the "spirit of the books" and proved that the "books really do work". Changes were made but not at the expense of a character's arc and motivations. I am all for changes of a book series for a TV adaptation but not at the expense of beloved characters

With all that being said, I hope you, Alan and everyone else associated with this show take heed to what is in this open letter, as well as read what is on the HBO site discussion board. That will give you an idea of what people are wanting, and make the appropriate changes to ensure that you keep viewers. The show does not have to be an exact replica of the books in order to succeed, for that has been proven already, but it does need to be believable and consistent. There are so many things that have already been established on the show that is changed at the drop of a hat to suit the current story-line you are trying to sell us. I could go on and on about all the other things that really made no sense but I think you got my point.

Concerned Viewer,

Friday, July 8, 2011

Dream a Little Dream with Me.

When it comes to True Blood, everything is open to interpretation. One of the favorite theories among some of the fandom is that Sookie and Eric have been sharing dreams. At first the dreams Sookie was having were contributed to her subconscious mind and his blood but there seems to be more to it than that. I would first like to note that the shared dreams is not my original idea or theory, so I cannot take credit for it. However,the thought did occur to me when I first saw those scenes so I agree with those theories made my others. I simply want to expand on it and add my own thoughts into the mix after seeing last season's finale. It is a thought I have been kicking around in my head. Before I get into what I think that something more is, let's go on a dream-venture shall we. I want to give a big thank you to my friends, fellow Viking Lovers and Vixens for letting me use their thoughts in order to expand on this theory.

All of Sookie’s dreams occur during the daytime, when Eric is also sleeping. 

Dream #1 – We know it is day because she is sleeping in the bed next to Bill.

Dream #2 – Occurs while she is sleeping in the car on the way home to Bon Temps.

Dream #3 – Sookie wakes up and goes straight to Fangtasia so it has to be very close to dark.

Eric’s Day(night)dream – While, it doesn’t occur in the day, it still occurs when we know Sookie is sleeping.

There are plenty of indications that these two crazy kids are sharing dreams, for example in Dream #1 – Eric saying, “[Sookie] would do anything for the ones [she ] loves.”  Eric is a very perceptive vampire; he knows Sookie has a strong capacity for love and that she can be a strong independent woman.

“Your deep, you feel, there’s love in you.” Sookie is also perceptive, in that she has noticed that while Eric is fierce and intimidating, he is also capable of incredible depth and feeling. i.e. his feelings for Godric.

You have a lot of love for him

“This is the beginning.” Eric, even though it is extremely hard for him to admit, deeply desires her. I am not even sure he quite understands it himself.   He cares for her and believes that if and when they are together, it will be the beginning of something remarkable.

After this first dream, Sookie is shown staring at Eric at the meeting with Nan and Godric. Eric stares back at her, with great surprise and interest. As if he too is remember the dreams he had, which for a mere two seconds, overshadow the despair he is feeling because of what is occurring with Godric.

On the roof, Eric gratefully and compassionately accepts Sookie’s offer to be with Godric at the end. It’s all in their expressions and body language.

Dream #2 –

The roof scene was so powerful that it is only fitting that this dream is shared by the two of them. The profoundly emotional scenes shared on the roof have evolved into yet another emotional moment of the two of them alone – comforting each other and strengthening their connection.

Their connection evolves in this dream; Sookie telling him that he will be okay and kissing away his tears, giving him her blood and emotional strength. Eric accepting her care, being passionate with her and giving her the choice (to give him her blood – not forcing her to let him bite her). I think they are both expressing their own desires here, her desire to comfort him and his desire to be comforted by her. We will see this same kind of desire later between them.

Dream #3 –

Sookie- “I know this is a dream.”

Eric – “You may as well enjoy it then.”

Sookie – “Is your blood ever going to wear off?”

Eric – “You know you have feelings for me.”

Sookie – “Eww” (quite unconvincingly I might add).

Eric – *kisses her* “You know you like it. And this…and this…”

He is unfazed by her totally fake “ew” – proves it to her by being soft and passionate.

They are so candid and comfortable with each other in this dream. This is where the dreams get to be more interesting, this is classic Eric and Sookie banter. This is how they are with each other outside of the dreams. He is calling bullshit to her statement because he knows they have an emotional connection and wants her to stop resisting her feelings.

Eric Day(night)dream – Alcide’s apartment is exact right down to the crumpled tissues on the bed. How would Eric know she was crying and would have the remnants of tissues all over the bed, if their dream were not somehow connected?

I believe this particular scene goes back to my comments about their mutual desires. In this instance, this is his desire to comfort her, and her desire to be comforted by him. It also gives us insight into his desires for her to know who he is deep down inside, the side that he keeps hidden.

Sookie: "You smell like the ocean in winter: How is that possible? Bill doesn't smell like anything"

Sookie: "You played by the North Sea as a child"

Eric: "Yes, how did you?"

Sookie: "I'm smelling your memories"

Eric: "That's impossible, not even you can do that"

Now, I am almost at my additional theory to the shared dream theory. Let me give you a couple clues.



I bet you are wondering what point I am trying to make, well I will tell you. Notice how Eric seems to blow open both doors without using his hands. Sure you did, because it was pretty bad ass, BAMF! Woo recently said that "Eric has held out hope, which certainly speaks to his own connection to Sookie, which may be deeper than we thought." My theory is that Eric is telekinetic and with Sookie being telepathic, they both share a power of the mind, hence the shared dreams and the deep connection Woo mentions. Eric had this connection with her before he had her blood. Can you imagine how deep that connection will be now that he has had her blood? Perhaps this is why he knew she was not dead and why he never gave up hope. Instead of being able to feel her presence through the blood, he could sense her in his mind. Just saying!

Sookie's Home

* photos from daydreaming, viking vixen blog which they also received from daydreaming, and some from their own personal collection*

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ohhh Baby....You Smell Like Dinner

I have to say that I loved this episode 5x better than the premiere episode. Where we last left off with Sookie is when she gets out of the shower, takes off her robe and throws it behind her. Who catches it, no other than the Viking. I have to post the dialogue because for (1) it was classic Eric/Sookie and (2) because it’s content was very important as to Eric’s feelings and intentions and (3) it gives insight to how much he gets Sookie. So dialogue will now commence.

Sookie: (gasps) “What the hell? Excuse me?”
Eric: (growls) “Mmm. Such a strange sensation when the reality matches what you pictured in your mind so precisely”
Sookie: “Is this another dream? It’s been a year, how much of your blood is left in me?”
Eric: “Oh. It’s not a dream, I assure you”
Sookie: “Then how are you here? I rescinded my invitation”.
Eric: “You don’t own the house anymore. (takes keys out of his pocket and dangles them.) I do”
Sookie: “Why would you do that? Why would you buy my house?”
Eric: “Because I always knew you were alive, and if I owned that house, well then I would own you. Sookie, you are mine” (drops fang)
Sookie: “Stay away from me”
Eric: “This is no way to treat your new landlord”
Sookie: “I am not yours and I want you out of my house now”
Eric: “Funny thing about ownership, isn’t it? A little piece of paper and the only power you had over me is gone”.
Sookie: What do you want from me?”
Eric: “Everything”
Sookie: “You can’t have it”
Eric: “I bought it”
Sookie: “You bought my house, the house does not come with me inside it”
Eric: “Well, then I seriously overpaid”
Sookie: “That’s your problem”
Eric: “Your blood tastes like freedom Sookie. Like sunshine in a pretty blond bottle. While they may not know it yet , that is what vampires smell, when they smell you.”
Sookie: “Is that a threat?”
Eric: “Absolutely not, but others will find out and when they do, you’ll need protection, I can provide that for you”.
Sookie: “I’m willing to take my chances”
Eric: “I bought this house because I care about you. If all I wanted was to taste your blood again, I could do it right now and there wouldn’t be a thing you could do to stop me. But, instead I am asking you to be mine”
Sookie: “I could never be with you the way I was with Bill”

Eric: “The first time Bill declared you his, how did that make you feel?”
Sookie: “Angry”
Eric: “But safe? You’ll come around”
Sookie: “You’re not listening to a word I’m saying”
Eric: “I know you. There are two Sookie Stackhouse’s. One who still clings to the idea that she’s merely human and the other who’s coming to grips with the fact that you are better than that”
Sookie: “ And what do you think is going to happen when I do come to grips with it? Do you think my legs are just going to magically open for you?”
Eric : (grins) “Well, that was saucy, must have been fairy Sookie talking. I like when she comes out”
Sookie: “And I’m already sorry I said it”
Eric: “Don’t be, the more you let her speak for you, the more likely you are to goon living. And you want to live, don’t you?”
She does not answer, just gives him one of her apprehensive looks.
Eric: “ Well, then I hope to hear from you girls soon.” he walks to the back screen door, opening it and it squeaks. “I’ll see to it that gets repaired”

Didn’t you just love the dialogue? It was classic Eric and Sookie banter. This was pertinent because it has been said only Bill has control when it comes to her or anyone else’s blood. Just like in the season 3 finale, exercised control was shown, it is indeed not about her blood. He only wants to protect her, granted he is high-handed about it but I believe he needs to be. She won’t just let him so he has to force the issue. The main thing about the conversation was that he gets Sookie, understands her to the very core. This will go a long way in helping her protect herself. She needs to embrace what she is, not deny it because she thinks it is lame. You should really listen to Eric Sookie. I think she will come around.

We last left off with citizens of Hot Shot locking poor Jason in the freezer. Timbo is licking his head…ewwww, gross, Jason prefers Band-Aids. Jason tells the Hot Shot freaks/gang that he grew to love them and convinced them to let him go. Welcome back Crazy Ass Crystal and cousin/lover Felton. Felton said Jason was about to get fucked here, Rut-Roh, something tells me he meant literally. Sure enough here comes Panther Boy and Panther Girl, taking off their clothes and telling Jason they are going to bite him and turn him panther, so her and Jason can have panther pups. Apparently, Felton is shooting blanks.Then I guess she is going to get her freak on. Crystal and Felton are addicted to ‘V’. Poor Jason.
 Seems Bill has a person on the inside of Marnie’s witch coven and she tells me him of everything that transpired there, about the bird coming back to life. He tells her that her work there is done and they end up doing the horizontal bop in his bedroom. Sookie comes to his house to ask him for help with Eric, why she thought he could help is beyond me but she must have felt he had some kind of new found power. 

Don’t even get me started on how he came to be King. I will just say, it was not earned and he was a coward. He had humans dispatch of her. Eric would have wiped the floor with her ass and so would Russell. Here is my take on the Bill./King crap In my opinion Bill is nothing but Nan’s lackey in a Game of Thrones that he cannot possibly win. It is obvious that the real power is behind Nan and the Authority. 

Once they are done with him, they are going to throw him away like yesterday’s trash. Bill was a plant among the monarchies to create discord among them and has been doing it for years. Causing friction among the monarchs gives the Authority the perfect reason to come forward and take over. Say hello to the One True Authority, the True Face Of Vampires. Bill is nothing but a puppet to an Authority he swore fealty to for his life, with the ‘True Blood’! Nan: Good Good! He did nothing but sign his own death warrant with that statement. Anyhow, Bill feels Sookie while he is having sex with the fake uncover witch and tells his minions to let her through. Sookie walks in to them finishing dressing. Rat bastard, just saying. She wants help getting her house back from Eric and he says he cannot make Eric give the property back. Why not Bill, you are the King right? Well, it seems Eric has some “friends in high places”. Maybe higher than Bill but he can’t get into that. Hmmmm, there is something here that I have not quite put my finger on but it goes back to Nan and Bill’s little talk from the 1980’s about him spreading discord about the monarchies. That is pet theory number one. I will get my little finger on it. 

So remember Bill’s little sex toy/spy and the information she gave him about the witches. KFF, as I like to call him, summons Eric to his office and I got to say Eric’s bow was made of WIN, even without speaking a word, he can be a sarcastic MOFO, but I digress. Bill says “I understand you bought Sookie’s house” Eric says you bet your ass I did, well not really but it sounded good. LOL. Bill wants to know if there is any chance he would sell it back to Sookie. Eric calmly says no and again when Bill asked if he would sell it to him. He goes to leave and now this leads me to Pet theory number two. My fellow Rabids and I (we love the name BTW) thought it would be funny if Bill was somehow responsible for Eric getting amnesia and this I think is the perfect set-up for it. Bill would not let him send Pam, he wanted Eric to take care of it personally. “If they can control us, then they can control the dead” my bet is that he was hoping something would happen to Eric and he would not have to deal with him. Maybe he did not count on him surviving and he would succeeded in getting rid of Eric for good this time. Then he would have Pam arrested for some trumped up offense.

Eric goes to the Moon Goddess to tell them that they will not meet again. Marnie attempts a spell by telling everyone to join hands, Eric bites her, Tara attacks with a stake, causing Eric to let go of Marnie and proceeds to bite her. LA LA grabs hands with everyone and starts the chant and everyone joins in and all of a sudden, chaos reigns. The lights go out and Marnie’s face changes into a younger woman. I wonder if Eric knew her during the Spanish Inquisition? Alexander Skarsgard’s acting here is nothing short of brilliant, he owned this whole scene. His face went from an angry, provoked vampire to a blank slate, with nothing in his eyes, he was simply vacant, a shell of his former self. Now, AE is born and Sookie found him walking down the road, half-naked and he did not know who she was.

There was so much more to this episode but I wanted to get all those thoughts out of my mind and onto word. One of my favorite parts was when Sookie found the armoire and said Oh, I’ll keep this but when she opened it, she saw it was made of steel and with a ladder going down. Sookie: “Motherf***er, he built himself a cubby! He built himself a cubby in my house!” She drove to Fangtasia to see him and driving home from there is when she happened upon AE. See you after the next episode.

True Blood:"She's not there"

Well, we already know about the first eight minutes, so there really is no need to go through a lot details about it. All I can say is I am glad Sookie was able to click her heels three times and get back home. Well, all she had to do was jump through the portal really! Turns out only Sookie can jump because she did not eat from the 'light off the fruit". Sookie and her Granddaddy both jump.

When Sookie and Granddaddy Earl jumped through the portal from the LAND OF THE LOST, they landed in Bon Temps cemetery. Earl immediately starts to feel the effects of having come home again after a twenty year absence.  I am going to spend a little time on this scene because I found it to be one of the most endearing scenes. Sookie takes him back to where his wife and kids are buried.

Earl: "I never meant to leave you all"
Sookie: "We never believed you abandoned us. None of us ever stopped loving you"
Earl: "That's good. You Gran's gonna give me that what for in heaven, I guarantee ya. I'm dying, pumpkin"
Sookie: (crying): "Granddaddy no!
Earl: "I can feel it. Give this to Jason, man ought to own a good watch. Now I'm happy, I'm where I belong. You be good Sookie, I love you"

He turns to ash right there at his wife and children's grave and Sookie is left there crying, holding the pocket watch. Now, I know this is True Blood and not some namby-pamby soap opera but this was bloody brilliant acting, on both actor's parts. I admit to shedding a tear. This scene gets a HUGE thumbs up for me!

As soon as the Sook landed back in Bon Temps, Bill and Eric awaken from their daytime sleep when they felt she was back in the land of the living. I have to say about damn time we get to see Eric 'feel' her presence.

Now for the fun part, this next scene I found myself laughing because here Sookie just dropped back into Bon Temps,literally, and walks up to her house that is all repainted and having repairs done it. Astonishment, wonder and surprise are written all over her face. She proceeds to walk into her house without a care in the world.
Workman: "Sweetheart, where do you think you're going?"
Sookie: "It's my house"
Workman: "Hey, you can't go in there" Honey, if you don't come back out, I'm calling the police"
Sookie: "Do it! Call the cops because I would love an explanation!"

Then she slams the door in his face!! Haha Go Sookie

Sookie sits at the kitchen table staring at the pocket watch, crying when Jason the cop walks in the house and sees his long lost sister.

I found this moment to be very endearing also but I won't rehash it too much. She immediately wonders why he is dressed like a cop! Sook, we all are a little dumbfounded at this but it turns out Jason does not make such a bad cop, at least from what we have seen so far. He told her that they thought she was dead and they looked everywhere for her, put up fliers and had a website. Figured a vampire killed her, Bill or that crazy tall one. Nice way to describe the Viking!  Sookie thinks she has been gone two weeks after she asked the date and Jason told her she had been gone twelve and a half months.

He tells her that he sold her house to a real estate company by the name of AIK. She is upset with him for giving up on her.They talk a while about where she was and how she should not tell people where she was, Jason thinks they might lock her away. She gives him their Granddaddy's watch, he asks her the time and she tells him 6:35 which means. Which means, this next part I could give two craps about if it did not include the Viking. Here comes Mr.Douche Bag himself.

 Bill asks her if she was with Claudine? That's none of your business she says. You go Sookie!! He tells her he has not felt her presence for a year, how empty inside he was, how he thought she was dead, blah blah blah!  Enter the Viking, "Well I knew you weren't dead, I never lost hope" Bill seems to be getting a little snippy with the Viking,   Bill orders Eric to go, WTF you say, yeah I thought the same thing.  In typical Eric fashion he says "Apparently, I have to go but understand this, everyone who claims to love you, your friends, your brother, even Bill Compton, they all gave up on you. I  NEVER  DID." I love the way he said it.

Moving on and to shorten this or it will be 10 pages with my thoughts.

La La and Jesus are still going strong, Jesus is wanting him to join in a coven. They go to the Moon Goddess and meet Marnie, seems LA LA has some major magical pull in him and Eddie comes through Marnie. Ohhhhh, scary.

Jason is a cop and taking care of the Hot Shot gang and ends up getting locked in a freezer. Poor Jason, no good deed goes unpunished.

Tara is a cage fighter and has a relationship with Naomi whose  ass  butt she kicked.

Sam shot Tommy in the leg who now lives with Hoyt's Mom. Guess she needed a substitute son after Hoyt left.

Sam is in anger management but really it is just an excuse for him to turn into a horse and gallop off into the sunset with other shifter/horses!

Andy is hooked on 'V', Jason might as well be Sheriff. LOL!

Jessica and Hoyt are not having really good times in their relationship. Seems she wants to eat other The eggs incident was funny.

Pam tried to make a PSA but!

Eric made one instead and it turned out better!

Eric says, "Who would you rather trust a vampire or a politician?" cuts to a scene of Bill charming the crowd...(in La La's voice) just like a politician.

Sookie talks to Portia Bellefleur about getting her house back from AIK. Oh, and she heard Portia's thoughts. Seems Bill and Andy do a little too much talking about Sookie.

Sookie gets out of the shower, takes off her robe and throws it behind her. Who catches it, no other than the Viking. She rescinded his invitation, he can't be there in her house. He takes a set of keys out of his pocket and says he owns the house. He informs her, Sookie, you are mine. He fangs come out. I'm freaking love it!!

I know this post was not up to my usual par but I have a hangover. I hope my post about the second episode will be better because I really loved it. I also have another post planned based on that episode.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Authority, the AVL and You.

Since the premiere of the fourth season of True Blood is almost on our doorstep, I thought I would write a series of posts leading up to the said premiere. Of course, that is my plan but whether it actually comes to fruition remains to be seen. With that being said, I will start with a little blast from the past for my first post. I am starting here because it will be pertinent in order to understand what is going to go down the season. Also, I just wanted to say that I did not come to these conclusions on my own. My observations came from watching the show and PAYING ATTENTION and I also got a little help from friends since they had been watching longer than I. Well, pop some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the video. I will join you after the break.

*sets the popcorn aside* When I first saw this postmortem, I thought what the heck was that all about? There just had to be a point to giving us all that information, after all they did not film it for their health. So what was the point? It really boils down to three very important things that came straight from the Bulgarian Vampire's mouth. 

1. Monarchy: "These Monarchs are not unlike any of the ones you are familiar with from history books. They either seize power from themselves, marry into it, or inherit it from their Makers. They even behave much the same way. They tend to be petty, cruel, and for the most part, unwise. What I am quite certain that you do not know is from where these rulers divine their power. I am willing to offer you information concerning the very foundation of our culture."
2. The Authority: "Unbeknownst,I am sure to any human of consequence in your country, is the existence of the Authority. It controls every aspect of institutional vampire society, from the Monarchs to the agenda of the American Vampire League, which operates so freely in your country. Through its adherence, it inspires an almost religious devotion. It is the law and it is infallible. Disobedience is unthinkable. It is the Authority that decided it was time for us to reveal ourselves to you two years ago. It is the Authority that empowers the Monarchs so that it is a crime of treason for them to be defied."

3. Money: "Let me ask you, Agent Williams, have you ever met a vampire who wanted for money? Have you ever asked yourself why? So many of them around for so long, long enough to amass unspeakable wealth. These are very powerful vampires, Agent Williams and with the funds at their disposal, the extent of their influence is limitless. You have politics, for example, global finance. Do you really think the worldwide financial crisis was caused by a few bad mortgages in Tallahassee?" When asked if had inside knowledge of a worldwide vampire conspiracy, his response " You have no idea."

Raise your hands if you think the Authority/AVL stinks like the manure in the Bif's car?   *raises hands*

Me too, Bif, me too!*covers nose* It seems the Mendacious Mr.Compton might be working for the Authority/AVL and has been for a very, very long time. Is that good news for Mr. Compton? I don't think so. Let's start with the money issue, shall we? Bill came to Bon Temps on the guise that the Old Compton Estate reverted back to him since Ole Jessie Compton had no descendants. How does one who is technically dead and has been for over a hundred years get the deed back if no palms were greased heavily with green? It was not the Queen, seeing as she is dead broke (pun intended). Enter the Authority. No more to be said on this subject, moving on.

The Authority are the ones that created the AVL to enforce their brand of justice. A religious devotion, you mean ,like a Manson or doomsday cult? *runs like hell* No, thank you I am not drinking that Kool-Aid, it is laced with hypocrisy. Flashing the money around to local politicians and having ribbon cutting ceremonies?  Bill, in a suit as the Authority's poster boy for mainstreaming? Yes, ladies and gents, the Authority has a major plan in the works, and I don't think it will be anything good.. I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E! I believe that plan is to lull humans into a false sense of security, while it secretly plans to slowly take over the world and mold it into the vision they have.  They are like the Visitors in that respect, who claimed one thing while they were stealing the Earth's water supply and harvesting it's people for food, all to be taken back to their home planet. 

In short, I would not trust the Authority/AVL as far as I could throw them! Maybe nobody should. Next post, AE, Sookie and You!

Monday, May 30, 2011

True Blood Land of the Fae or something more...Sinister????

 Doucheland, Summerland, Ferngully, Fairytown, Faeville, I am sure there are others but I cannot name them all. It has been called many a thing but I will stick with my personal favorite, Doucheland. Come on, it does look like something out of a Summer's Eve commercial.  

Sookie arrives with Claudine via the 'light' underneath a tree of, you guessed it, 'light' fruit or lumiers. *shrugs because I could care less about the spelling* Sookie steps into a world unlike she has ever seen before.  Everyone is just so cheerful and oh so excited. Way too cheerful and way too excited.  Sookie learns that Claudine is her fairy Godmother, whom she proceeds to tell, "If your job is to look after me, can I just say, you suck"? Imitating Lafayette: "Go on Sookie, with our bad, snarky ass self" *flips hair* 


Who should Sookie see next but an old friend from her days in Dallas. Barry, the bellboy, whom we last seen being thrown out a hotel room door by Bill, after he was bit by Lorena. Coincidence? I think not. Seems Barry has a fairy God 'mother' all his own, by the name of  Lloyd. Yes, that's right, he's a dude, who's a god, who's a mother! It must be Barry's lucky day! 


The two God'mothers' leave the duo to talk and Barry seems to think he has only been there a few minutes when Sookie asks. Not blood likely, Barry. Along comes a woman with a bowl of 'light' fruit and offers them each one. They each take one but Sookie is hesitant when she sees how everyone is reacting to the fruit. I will show you rather than tell you my opinion on this particular piece of fruit. Our Sook is growing up!

While Sookie is looking around at the people eating the 'fruit of light", she spots a familiar face, Gary Cole , I mean Granddaddy Earl, chomping on his piece of de'light". Naturally, she wonders right over,I mean who wouldn't? Sookie: "Grandaddy Earl, it's me Sookie" (cue flashback scene) He told her he just saw her last week! Say what, Granddaddy Earl!

She informed him, "Granddaddy Earl, that was twenty years ago" Poor Granddaddy Earl, he looks as if he is finally waking up from a long, long dream. Sookie, if I were you I would run for the nearest exit or better yet seek out 'Glenda the good witch of the North' to zap you right out of there with the help of some ruby slippers, because you sure as hell are not in Bon Temps anymore. There is something rotten in the state of Doucheland!
   Sookie chanting: "There's no place like Bon Temps, there's no place like Bon Temps, there's no place like Bon Temps" 

muchs thank for the screencaps                               

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dead Reckoning- A Bookie's Review

Well, there it was, the day I was looking forward to, May 3, 2011, the release of Dead Reckoning. I had my book on hold at the local Barnes and Noble  for a while and could not wait to get my greedy little hands on it. Of course, picking up the book was not the only thing I had to do that day, ERRANDS, on that day of all days. The day ended up being more hectic that I originally planned and by the time I was able to sit down and read, it was midnight! I only got 50 pages in and before I knew it, I was DEAD TO THE WORLD (pun intended), passed out from exhaustion. I was up until four-thirty this morn finishing the book. I have to say it was worth the wait for I had remained spoiler free, except for the chapters that were released by Charlaine Harris previously.

 In this 11th installment of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels or the SSN for short (NOT THE TRUE BLOOD BOOKS as they have been called by some *scoffs*), I found a “back to the basics” routine for the arc of the book series. Sookie has grown into her character more and more and knows what she wants and what she feels comfortable with, although she struggles with her religious upbringing. Sookie was darker and much more mature in this installment that in the past books and that was very refreshing. I found myself cheering her on in some instances and I felt incredible sorrow for her in others. When she read her Gran’s letter and her explanation of what happened with Fintan, I felt her sadness and her coming to terms with the fact that she did not really know her Gran at all. Her worry for Eric and Pam regarding their relationship was very heartwarming.

Speaking of Eric and Pam, the in-fighting between those two was very disturbing. Eric was as unhinged as anyone had ever seen him and not quite the vampire we had all come to know and love. Sookie knew it, not only due to the bond, but to the way he reacted to situations. I felt BIG TIME sorrow from Pam about not being able to turn Miriam to save her life, she loved her. When Sookie made the choice to sever the blood bond (this is when I cheered her on the most) between her and Eric, I was proud of her. It was no secret that I wanted the bond gone so she (and everyone else in the Sookieverse world you know who you are, *cough BILL FANS cough*) would know if her feelings for the VIKING were genuine. 

I loved how she was worried about the spell harming Eric and how she ran to the phone when it rang and they both made sure the other was okay after it was broken. I understood why he was upset that the bond was no more. I was relieved to hear him tell her he knew of a ritual to break the bond and why he did not offer it. If Sook did not have a problem with this revelation as well as the one where he had Terry looking out/spying on her (THIS IS MY THEORY IN TRUE BLOOD AS WELL, but I digress lol), well then, neither did I. My favorite line in regards to their relationship from Sookie was “I do love you, all on my own”! This is what she needed and I think Eric needed to know as well. I believe he was worried that she might have only loved him due to the bond, even though he never said it out right. Favorite line from Eric was “Yes, I am very fond of Pam, I made a great choice. You were my other great choice”. In my opinion, no more proof was needed that they loved each other deeply.

Bill, I really did not see a need for him at all in this book, AT ALL. He just seemed like a page filler for me. It seemed the author went out of her way to include him in the book somehow but it came off as obvious/forced and not related to the story at all. Of course, he made it known to Sookie that HE LOVES HER (as if we did not know, he says it every time) and that he would bed her at any time she wished. I almost choked on my CHERRY COKE when he said that she had the best breasts and could win an international competition. He was really not a factor in anything, except to be there for Bubba, who seemed to cling to Bill and trusted only Bill and Sookie. Oh, I forgot he gave Sookie a ride home from Fangtasia and offered some advice on the Eric situation, which was surprisingly wise and sage. So KUDOS to him for that. But that is as far as I will go.

DING DONG!! The wicked VICTOR’S dead, the thorn in everyone‘s backside! I never wanted a character deader than he already was, besides Sandra Pelt, who finally met her death in the closing chapters, with help from Jannalynn and Sam. Oh, I did not mention Sam much did I? Well, not much to say, except he seemed a little darker to me but it was CLEAR that he and Sookie were just friends. However, we were left with the impression that IT COULD BE more but I don’t see the VEILED hints that others do. It seemed to me they are great friends that think no one is good for the other. I see no HEA for them.

Overall, I loved, loved the book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it, as fast as I could and will be doing so again. However, with that being said it was satisfying in some aspects but not in others. We were left up in the air about the status of Eric and Sookie’s relationship, not just in the sense of him trying to get out of the marriage contract with Oklahoma, but in general. The last chapter was so open-ended and left to interpretation, especially in regards to Sookie’s newly acquired gift of the ‘cluviel dor‘. What‘s a girl to do with a gift like that? Think long and hard about it, Sook! I might have a few ideas and wouldn’t you like to know what they are?  That is the mark of a good author to leave you guessing and that is exactly what Ms. Harris has done!  Now, let's speculate away, shall we? :)