Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Authority, the AVL and You.

Since the premiere of the fourth season of True Blood is almost on our doorstep, I thought I would write a series of posts leading up to the said premiere. Of course, that is my plan but whether it actually comes to fruition remains to be seen. With that being said, I will start with a little blast from the past for my first post. I am starting here because it will be pertinent in order to understand what is going to go down the season. Also, I just wanted to say that I did not come to these conclusions on my own. My observations came from watching the show and PAYING ATTENTION and I also got a little help from friends since they had been watching longer than I. Well, pop some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the video. I will join you after the break.

*sets the popcorn aside* When I first saw this postmortem, I thought what the heck was that all about? There just had to be a point to giving us all that information, after all they did not film it for their health. So what was the point? It really boils down to three very important things that came straight from the Bulgarian Vampire's mouth. 

1. Monarchy: "These Monarchs are not unlike any of the ones you are familiar with from history books. They either seize power from themselves, marry into it, or inherit it from their Makers. They even behave much the same way. They tend to be petty, cruel, and for the most part, unwise. What I am quite certain that you do not know is from where these rulers divine their power. I am willing to offer you information concerning the very foundation of our culture."
2. The Authority: "Unbeknownst,I am sure to any human of consequence in your country, is the existence of the Authority. It controls every aspect of institutional vampire society, from the Monarchs to the agenda of the American Vampire League, which operates so freely in your country. Through its adherence, it inspires an almost religious devotion. It is the law and it is infallible. Disobedience is unthinkable. It is the Authority that decided it was time for us to reveal ourselves to you two years ago. It is the Authority that empowers the Monarchs so that it is a crime of treason for them to be defied."

3. Money: "Let me ask you, Agent Williams, have you ever met a vampire who wanted for money? Have you ever asked yourself why? So many of them around for so long, long enough to amass unspeakable wealth. These are very powerful vampires, Agent Williams and with the funds at their disposal, the extent of their influence is limitless. You have politics, for example, global finance. Do you really think the worldwide financial crisis was caused by a few bad mortgages in Tallahassee?" When asked if had inside knowledge of a worldwide vampire conspiracy, his response " You have no idea."

Raise your hands if you think the Authority/AVL stinks like the manure in the Bif's car?   *raises hands*

Me too, Bif, me too!*covers nose* It seems the Mendacious Mr.Compton might be working for the Authority/AVL and has been for a very, very long time. Is that good news for Mr. Compton? I don't think so. Let's start with the money issue, shall we? Bill came to Bon Temps on the guise that the Old Compton Estate reverted back to him since Ole Jessie Compton had no descendants. How does one who is technically dead and has been for over a hundred years get the deed back if no palms were greased heavily with green? It was not the Queen, seeing as she is dead broke (pun intended). Enter the Authority. No more to be said on this subject, moving on.

The Authority are the ones that created the AVL to enforce their brand of justice. A religious devotion, you mean ,like a Manson or doomsday cult? *runs like hell* No, thank you I am not drinking that Kool-Aid, it is laced with hypocrisy. Flashing the money around to local politicians and having ribbon cutting ceremonies?  Bill, in a suit as the Authority's poster boy for mainstreaming? Yes, ladies and gents, the Authority has a major plan in the works, and I don't think it will be anything good.. I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E! I believe that plan is to lull humans into a false sense of security, while it secretly plans to slowly take over the world and mold it into the vision they have.  They are like the Visitors in that respect, who claimed one thing while they were stealing the Earth's water supply and harvesting it's people for food, all to be taken back to their home planet. 

In short, I would not trust the Authority/AVL as far as I could throw them! Maybe nobody should. Next post, AE, Sookie and You!

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